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Portfolio of Artwork and Illustration

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I always begin each illustration with a pencil and paper, scrawling down notes and thumbnails until an idea clicks. I like to experiment with different materials; however, I always start off with traditional media. I mainly work with an assortment of acrylic paints, ink, colour pencils, watercolours, and gouache. Everything ends up being scanned and sometimes I incorporate additional painting in Photoshop.

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The Coffin Collection is a series of hand-painted, miniature wooden coffins that each contain a unique charm and hand-written scroll. The scrolls are inscribed with an original poem that tells the story of each coffin. More Halloween artwork is featured here as well including coffin bookmarks and the Cadaver Clips series: informational postcards featuring Skinny Pete the skeleton and unique button pins each illustrated with a different organ. 

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I mainly work traditionally on portrait and character drawings, using graphite, gouache, Copic markers, ink and paint depending on the style and feel that I am going for on each particular illustration. I enjoy creating both stylized as well as realistic portraits and characters. 

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